Our Fabrics and Care Instructions

We work directly with the mills in the development and finishing of our high performance fabrics. This ensures that we get the very best quality cloth with the most effective waterproof or water repellant finish. Many of the colourways are bespoke.

Cotton Rich Raincoat Fabric

Cocoon raincoats are lightweight, waterproof, breathable and machine washable. The fabric is specially made for us in a blend of 80% cotton and 20% nylon. It has a PU coating on the inside and a stain resistant, water repellant coating on the outside. Cared for well our raincoats will last for many years. We often see Cocoon raincoats we made over 20 years ago still looking great!

All styles are available in 13 stunning colours.


Genuine Austrian Loden Cloth

Our merino wool loden cloth comes from one of the best known mills in Austria established in 1884.

The cloth is densely woven and then the surface is 'matted' using natural teasels fixed around a large revolving drum. When dampened the hooked ends of the teasels gently tease out the fibres in different directions. This makes loden cloth showerproof. Before it leaves the mill it is given an Aquastop finish to make it even more water repellant. It is a lighter weight than traditional loden cloth which gives it a beautiful drape.

Yorkshire Tweed

Our lambswool tweed comes from a Yorkshire mill on the bank of the river Wharfe. It is woven from 100% lambswool and goes through an extra finishing process to make it totally waterproof without the extra weight and bulk of an interliner.

Many of our customers are judges at outdoor events. They love our tweed coats and matching hats because they need to look elegant, distinctive and also be totally protected from the elements.

Warm, detachable linings

Also woven specially for Cocoon in the Yorkshire mill.

This fabric is 45% pure lambswool and 55% polyester. This gives it the warmth and of wool combined with the strength but with a silky feel which makes a lined Cocoon raincoat slip easily over other clothing.

Caring for Cocoon Coats

Cocoon Raincoats
All our raincoats are machine washable. Do not dry clean.

Before washing check your coat all over for marks, stains and ingrained dirt (cuffs and hem). These marks should be lifted by using neat detergent (such as Fairy Liquid). Use a tiny amount on a piece of cloth and work into the area using circular motions. Rinse immediately and then wash the whole coat.

Machine wash using a mild, liquid, non-bio detergent for machine washing silk or wool. Do not use fabric conditioner.
Machine wash on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees C. If possible add an extra rinse.
Remove after spin cycle. Stretch sleeves and body firmly to minimise shrinkage. Hang to dry.
If necessary steam iron (2 dot) on outer surface or steam (3 dot) without touching the coat. Do not iron over the stud fasteners.
If your coat has a lining remove it and wash at 30 degrees C separately or in the same load as the coat. Hang to dry.

Loden Coats and Tweed Coats
Dry Clean only. Mud can be sponged off.